E-Cutis Influencer Program

🌟 Calling Beauty Influencers! Ready to Create, Share, and Earn? 💄✨

We're on the lookout for trendsetters to join the E-Cutis Influencer Program cantered around our flagship product, WingLASH: Stick-On Lash AccentsIf you're passionate about beauty, have a strong social following, and love trying new products, let's collaborate! 

What we're looking for:

✨ Beauty and cosmetic enthusiasts
✨ A strong and engaged social media presence
✨ Passion for trying and reviewing new products
✨ Based in Australia 
✨ Must be at least 18 years old

As part of our partnership, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to test and promote our fantastic products on your channels. Show off your creativity with tutorials and more!

This volunteer (and potentially paid) opportunity is perfect for budding influencers eager to showcase their love for beauty and grow their skills.

Don't miss the chance to shine and set trends! Read below for more details.

Influencer Program

Application Steps

Express Your Interest

Reach out to us using the contact form on this page to express your interest: In the message field, include a brief statement (less than 100 words) explaining why you want to collaborate with E-Cutis.

If we like what we see, we will approve you as an Influencer and send you an email confirming your participation in the program.

Purchase Our Products

Get your hands on our WingLASH Lash set + Applicator COMBO from E-Cutis. Feel free to grab additional lash sets if desired. The cost is on you, but rest assured, we're confident you'll love WingLASH! Once your order is confirmed, the E-Cutis Team will note your order as an influencer order. It's essential to note that our normal policies apply to all orders. You can find our shipping policy here and our refund policy here.

Leave us a Review

Once you've had a chance to try our product, we'd love to hear about your experience! Feel free to leave a genuine review on our product page. We value authenticity —your honest feedback helps others discover the true benefits of our product.

Create Engaging Content

Once you've received our product, unleash your creativity! Consider unboxing videos, detailed product reviews, captivating product imagery, and application snapshots. We value authentic, high-quality content that showcases the product and resonates with our audience—let your creativity shine!

Submit Your Content

Submit plain images and video files to contact@e-cutis.com.au.

Ensure visuals prioritise high-quality, clean showcasing of the WingLASH product.

Use optimal lighting (natural or well-balanced artificial) to highlight product details.

Emphasise product benefits and features while maintaining E-Cutis' brand tone.

Align content with E-Cutis' brand values, authentically focusing on WingLASH.

For video files, editing scenes are acceptable; however, please refrain from adding background music to avoid potential copyright claims. You're welcome to use your own voice or other original audio content.

Maintain authenticity by minimising excessive filters or editing.

For images, refrain from adding text, graphic design, or colours.

Craft engaging, personality-driven captions and descriptions for each asset.

Approval of Content for Publication

We strive to review all submissions within 48 hours.

Should your content align with our criteria, we'll be thrilled to feature it on our Instagram page.

We offer a compensation of $5AUD per image and $10AUD per video for the content we select to use.

Our team will manage the necessary design elements.

Prior to publication, we require your consent for media usage on our channels. This step ensures clarity and mutual agreement regarding the dissemination of your content through our platforms.

Upon approval of your content, we'll promptly send you an email confirmation outlining the terms of our agreement. We'll also request your bank details for payment.

Post on Your Channels and Get Paid

As part of the compensation, influencers are required to post on their social channels and tag E-Cutis' Instagram page (@ecutisau) and/or TikTok account (@ecutisau) in the sponsored content created for our collaboration.

Influencers will receive payment (within 2-5 business days) upon providing a screenshot confirming the posted content.

Disclose Paid Partnership: It's important to transparently inform your audience about our collaboration. Use #Ad or #Sponsored in your post captions to comply with ethical guidelines and share the nature of our partnership.

Important considerations

You are under no obligation to join this program. It's a fun way for us to connect with beauty lovers and share the amazing content you create.

We cannot guarantee the publication of every submitted post. We feature content that aligns with our brand, fits our channels, and meets our audience's expectations.

For any doubts about creating content, feel free to email us questions. We've also compiled an Influencer FAQ to increase your chance of getting paid for your content!

Benefits of Joining

Ideal for budding influencers to grow their portfolios and personal brands.

Showcase your influencer skills and creativity.

Tap into our audience base, exposing your content to a wider demographic and gaining new followers who resonate with your style.

Earn recognition for your exceptional content! We may spotlight outstanding influencers on our platforms, providing additional exposure for your profile and content.

Receive tips, guidance, and resources from our experienced marketing team to help you refine your content creation skills and optimise your influencer journey.

The more high-quality content we approve and feature throughout the year, the greater your earning potential. Better quality content that resonates well with our audience can lead to increased opportunities for selection, potentially allowing you to earn more.

Expression of Interest

Submit your interest to join our Influencer Program

We're here to support you in creating content that resonates with our audience.

Influencer FAQ

Feel free to email us at contact@e-cutis.com.au with any further queries or for clarification.

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