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Make Every Day a Winged Day with WingLASH: Stick-On Lash Accents

Accent with wings & frame your eyes in style | Pre-glued | Ready to apply | Delivered straight to your door (Australia-wide)

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Bonus Lash Applicator: LashEase - The Gentle Lash Adhesion Tool

Crafted with an entire silicone tip, it eliminates any discomfort near your eyes while making lash fusion a seamless and hygienic task. With no sharp points and a soft-touch finish, it ensures safety around the delicate eye area.

Discover WingLASH
Wings That Last, All Day.

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With a fresh set at your fingertips, you're always ready for any occasion.

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Eyes that Speak, Lashes that Wing.

You'll forget you're wearing them, but others won't be able to take their eyes off your captivating look

Size Matters!

With a perfectly crafted 14mm outer corner, WingLASH creates the ideal accent, framing your eyes with precision. It's the secret to achieving that enchanting cat-eye winged corner shape with ease.


Seamless & Natural

Unlike traditional lashes, WingLASH is applied beneath your natural lashes, rendering the bands virtually invisible. The result? A seamlessly natural look that'll leave everyone wondering if they're real!


Ready to apply - No lash adhesive required

Say goodbye to sticky, messy applications. Made from lightweight, flexible material with a strong, pre-applied adhesive for a quick and comfortable lash application in seconds.


Select Your WingLASH

How to apply

Using the lash applicator, delicately select a WingLASH from the lash set.


Precise WingLASH Placement

How to apply

Place the WingLASH beneath your natural lashes, aligning it with the outer corner of your eye to achieve a winged lash appearance. Ensure there's a gap of approximately 0.5mm to 1mm between the WingLASH strip and your skin along the waterline.


Seal the WingLASH Deal

How to apply

Using the lash applicator once more, gently squeeze the WingLASH and your natural lashes together. This final touch sticks them seamlessly, ensuring your lashes look impeccably blended for a flawless and stunning finish.


Full WingLASH Transformation

How to apply

Repeat steps 1-3 for the other eye to achieve your WingLASH transformation, resulting in a captivating winged accent for both eyes.


Lashes, Made Easy: WingLASH Your Eyes In Style

Product features


Fluttery 14mm Outer Corner


Applied Beneath Your Natural Lashes to the Outer Third of the Eye


Pre-Glued (No Lash Adhesive Required)


Natural Black Hue


C Curl-Shape


Up to 24 Hours




12 Pairs per Set

Customer Spotlight

Winged & Trusted

Discover real experiences with WingLASH straight from our customers!


We're here to help you find answers to your burning questions about WingLASH and more. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us at contact@e-cutis.com.au

Eyes that Speak, Lashes that Wing.

Discover WingLASH
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