WingLASH: Stick-On Lash Accents

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Ready to Apply Wings That Last All Day!

Are you ready to take your lashes to a whole new level of beauty and convenience? Say hello to WingLASH, the revolutionary lash solution that will transform your look in seconds! No more tedious and time-consuming lash extensions, no more messy adhesives - just instant, all-day glamour. Our ready-to-wear wings are meticulously designed to give you the perfect fluttery effect that lasts all day.
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Lash Applicator: LashEase - The Gentle Lash Adhesion Tool

To make your lash application even more effortless, we've made a specially designed lash applicator. Its uniquely curved tip aids in positioning and securing lashes, ensuring a perfect fit every time. LashEase, The Gentle Lash Adhesion Tool, is here to revolutionise your lash extension experience. Crafted with an entire silicone tip, it eliminates any discomfort near your eyes while making lash fusion a seamless and hygienic task. With no sharp points and a soft-touch finish, it ensures safety around the delicate eye area.

Silicone Precision

LashEase is exclusively crafted with a silicone body tip that guarantees a gentle touch around your delicate eye area. Say goodbye to discomfort and anxiety during your lash extension process.

Rounded Corners for Maximum Comfort

Our innovative design features rounded corners that ensure each touch is gentle on both your eyes and lashes. Prioritising your comfort and safety, LashEase stands out as the perfect companion for a seamless lash application.

Hygienic and Easy Maintenance

LashEase not only promises a hygienic lash application but also ensures effortless cleaning after every use. Experience a fresh and safe lash journey every single time.


Real people. Real results.

Achieve captivating lashes in seconds, no, glue, no fuss!

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Select Your WingLASH

How to apply

Using the lash applicator, delicately select a WingLASH from the lash set


Precise WingLASH Placement

How to apply

Place the WingLASH beneath your natural lashes, aligning it with the outer corner of your eye to achieve a winged lash appearance. Ensure there's a gap of approximately 0.5mm to 1mm between the WingLASH strip and your skin along the waterline.


Seal the WingLASH deal

How to apply

Using the lash applicator once more, gently squeeze the WingLASH and your natural lashes together. This final touch sticks them seamlessly, ensuring your lashes look impeccably blended for a flawless and stunning finish.


Full WingLASH Transformation

How to apply

Repeat steps 1-3 for the other eye to achieve your WingLASH transformation, resulting in a captivating winged accent for both eyes.

How to: Apply your WingLASH


We're here to help you find answers to your burning questions about WingLASH and more. If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
April G
Easiest and prettiest lashes around!

Okay so i love makeup and i love lashes but most lashes can be messy and sit weird on my roundes eyes. The inner corner is my worst enemy when it comes to lashes but with the E-cutis winglash, they sit perfectly under then lash line and in the outer corner. No awkward lash band sticking up and no fussing around with glue 🙌🏻 Very impressed!

Katie Evans
Fast shipping and lasts me a month!

I've been trying out this product for a month now, and it levels up my makeup game! The applicator and lash set arrived quickly! I just followed the instructions and viola - easy glam!

It can take a little getting used to at first, but after a week I was a pro!

Sarah N
No Lash Glue No Mess – Natural Results

I've struggled with traditional lash applications in the past, which involved glue and the constant worry of damaging my own lashes. But WingLASH has made everything so much easier. Not only are they a breeze to apply, but the results are astonishingly natural. I've been pleasantly surprised by the number of compliments I've received, and it's always fun to see people's amazement when I reveal that they're actually stick-on lashes. The best part? Taking them off is a breeze, and there's no sticky residue left behind. It's been a real confidence booster for me.

Alissa Ross
Easy and quick falsies!

I really like these lashes, as I am not very good at applying false lashes. Normally, the glue gets in my eyes or messes up my eyeshadow. These lashes were really quick as they required no glue! Also, I liked that I only needed one per eye.

For more dramatic looks, I add 2 per eye and it works just as well!

Melissa Lee
An easy way to get a winged eye

I pair these lashes with a winged liner, and it looks natural! It's an everyday style that I can apply in the morning.

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